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The current prize pool is $9.

So i will draw 1 winner for the October 2007 Contest.

The winner for this draw is…. Vijay

The prize money will be sent via paypal.

Check out the monthly contest rules and the contest entries. This is an ongoing monthly contest. As long as SiteFever’s link continue to remain in your site, you will always be in the draw. The more people participate to link to SiteFever, the bigger the prize pool, the more winners we will have.

Will be making my next post soon 😀

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I’ve just created a page to show an overview of the approved entries and the current prize pool. (Contests Entries)

I will update the Contests Entries page regularly so you can check if your entry is being approved. Feel free to contact me if you try to participate but your entry is not approved. Please read the monthly contest info again to take note of where the back link should be.

I’ve also realized that there are quite a number of you backlink to SiteFever but have not made a comment post at the contest page. Please make a comment post there if you have backlink and intend to take part in this contest, else i will not be able to track and contact you when you win.

If you do not want to miss future contest updates or posts, remember to subscribe to SiteFever.

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Hi all. I am not sure if John gave out the prize of the link contest previously. However, i have revamp the contest to make it more exciting with more winners.

SiteFever Link contest will be a monthly contest. Similarly, prize pool depends on the amount of sites who link back to SiteFever. This time each winner will get $20 but we will be having more winners now.

The more sites linking to SiteFever, the larger the prize pool, the more winners we have and it is recurring every month! As long as you continue to link to us, you are always in the monthly contest.

The next contest draw date will be on 31st Oct 2007.

Check out the Monthly Contest for more info.

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One month ago today I announced SiteFever’s first contest – $20 to a visitor who subscribes to our RSS feed via email!

Well, as promised I picked one email address at random to win the $20, and the money has been sent via PayPal. They asked that their email address not be published on the site.

This time around, I am creating a contest specifically for website owners so that I can brag about the winner here at SiteFever. Stay tuned- I will announce the new contest later today. Here’s a hint: The amount of money you can win all depends on you!

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