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Well in just 54 minutes, has been sold for a quick sale price of $1,250. Why so cheap?

With all the chaos and confusion that goes in to moving out of an apartment, putting all of your stuff into a storage unit in another state and jumping on a plane from Miami, FL to Lima, Peru, I simply do not have the time to haggle prices back and forth while not making any valuable posts to this blog. I needed to sell it quickly to concentrate my efforts on my trip.

I was not planning on selling the site until just a few days ago. I just made the decision to go to South America a little over a week ago, and being honest with myself, it is just impractical for me to keep up this blog as it is from where I’ll be. It would be better off in the hands of someone who can really put all their efforts on the site.

The new owner of has asked to remain anonymous for the time being, but I’m sure they will be formally announcing themselves to you in the very near future.

This has certainly been a great ride for me, and I hope that it’s been great for you as well. You haven’t seen the last of John Robinson- I’ll be back for sure. For any last minute donations for the Blog Traffic Made Easy PDF or for any help you have received from this blog (or me) so far, they would all be greatly appreciated through PayPal. I will be using any donations I receive to help support myself once I get to South America.

I will ask the new owner if they will allow me to make occasional guest posts on SiteFever, and I will be sure to forward any new pictures I take while I’m there! Thanks again everyone, and I wish you all the best in your online endeavors.


John W Robinson IV

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Today marks the conclusion of the 11th week since went online. In those 11 weeks, we have seen 108 posts and 929 comments. 18,224 unique visitors have stopped by for a total of 29,467 visits. However, we’re going to have to bid farewell.

It’s off to the Andes Mountains and the Amazon River for me. After much thought, I’ll be moving there in about two weeks and believe it or not, the Internet is not readily available in the middle of the rainforest. As for the current 1TB contest, I will pick a winner and send the hard drive next week before I leave.

It’s been an exciting journey up until now, but hopefully another great blogger will take the reins from here. To help fund my trip, is priced for a quick sale at $1,250 US. Included would be the domains,, and, and the entire contents of this blog. Here’s an overview of some statistics other than the ones already mentioned:

Total 11 week income: $1,136.78
Technorati authority: 204
Technorati rank: 22,556
Alexa rank: 73,129
Google Pagerank: 2, predicted 5 (4.8)
Yahoo backlinks: 4,512
RSS subscribers: 318
MyBlogLog community members: 135
My 22 page PDF “Blog Traffic Made Easy” has been downloaded at least 1,196 times since its release on August 21. has been featured on two separate posts on Post 1 Post 2

If you’re interested in purchasing for the asking price of $1,250 or if you would like to make an offer, you can contact me at

PHOTOS FROM 2001 (click for fullsize):

Cuzco, Peru: Plaza de Armas

Cuzco, Peru: Plaza de Armas

Huaraz, Peru: Hiking in the Andes mountains

Macchu Picchu, Peru: Inca city constructed around 1450 

Riobamba, Ecuador: Me standing on a rock under a waterfall

Riobamba, Ecuador: Photo taken standing at the top of the same waterfall

Somewhere near Otavalo, Ecuador: Top of a volcano filled with water

Thank you all for your support of this blog, and I hope that I brought some valuable information that many of you can apply with your online ventures. I’ll be checking up on from time to time from cyber cafes in South America to see how its new owner is doing. Who knows… maybe I can appear as a guest blogger every once in a while!

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Congratulations to Robert MacEwan from! He won the only sitewide 468×60 banner on this site for only $100/month! Everyone should be looking for his banner to start appearing soon. Thanks to all who participated.

Sorry for the lowered posting frequency over the past two days. My great grandfather was in from out of town and I haven’t seen him for several years, so we were spending some time together. I’ll start pumping out some more great articles this afternoon.

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Thanks to you, SiteFever has just been exploding lately, both in popularity as well as with “happenings”- there are lots of things taking place here and I just wanted to be sure everyone was included in them all.

First off, if you look in the right hand column just underneath the 125×125 banner ads, you will see the clock counting down the exact time that the offer will end for you to bid on my banner. Currently, the high bid stands at $100 for 30 days of the only sitewide 468×60 banner on The bidding will end midnight EST on Thursday.

Secondly, Blog Traffic Made Easy has now received 1,200 downloads in exactly four weeks since its release date. I’ve received a ton of great comments about the 22 page PDF, and if you have not had a chance to read it yet I would hope you take a few minutes to check it out.

Thirdly and probably the most talked about right now is the contest I’m holding where you can win a 1TB (1,024GB) hard drive just by linking to the contest on your blog and telling everyone what you would do with it if you were the winner. So far, the contest has been a big hit! I’ve got a ton of pingbacks to sort through already, and I’ve got to say I’ve seen some pretty unique ideas… Hopefully if you haven’t posted about it yet you can come up with something catchy.

As I mentioned earlier, is just exploding in popularity faster than I can keep track of it. I’m glad I had the knowledge to set myself up on a dedicated server early in the game! To get a quick idea of what I’m talking about, take a look at SiteFever’s Alexa chart. Over the past five days, SiteFever has averaged over 570 unique visitors per day! Of course at the end of the month, I will post a full report as I always do which will show all the details of our monthly traffic.

Well, consider this your five minute update on all the “happenings” at Thanks again to all my advertisers, sponsors and especially my readers who have come to appreciate this blog for what it is.

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Isn’t it beautiful? This is what I was talking about when I said I stared in disbelief the first time I saw it. It’s Western Digital’s 1TB external hard drive! That’s 1,024GB for those of you who don’t know what a terabyte is. For computer geeks such as myself, it’s the centerfold in our favorite magazine.

I am giving away this 1TB MyBook to somebody on October 13th. Do you want it? Here’s what to do:

All you’ve got to do is make a post on your blog linking to this contest and tell everyone what you would do with a free 1TB hard drive!

I’ll sift through all the pingbacks for the most interesting post and choose one winner to ship the MyBook to-that’s it!

It can’t get any easier than that, can it? This contest should be a little better than the last because everyone has a fair chance at the same prize. So, what are you waiting for? Let me know what you would do with a free 1TB hard drive! And remember- only pingbacks count!

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As you can see, the sitewide 468×60 banner that is displayed at the top right of each page on has become available. FeedGhost’s one month came to an end on September 12 after receiving just over 36,000 impressions.

Of course, SiteFever is growing at a very rapid rate, so I expect the next month to receive well over 40,000 impressions. Unfortunately, there’s nobody advertising there right now to take advantage of that publicity. I have a sneaky suspicion that we’ll see a new advertiser there next Friday, September 21. Why?

Because I’m auctioning off the one and only sitewide 468×60 banner spot on this site, and the highest bidder as of midnight EST on Thursday, September 20 (one week from today) will receive that spot for 30 days!

Bidding starts at $1 and each subsequent bid should be made in at least $1 increments. As always, payments can only be made through PayPal.

If you want the spot but don’t have a banner designed for your site- don’t worry. I can help create one for you free of charge or put you in contact with some other people who wouldn’t mind creating it either.

Who will win the very first auctioned ad space on Will it be you? Let the bidding begin!

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Today we have reached two new milestones on!

First, we broke the 300 RSS subscriber mark! It took 67 long, grueling days which averages out to approximately 4.5 new readers every single day since the first post went online. In those 67 days, we’ve seen 96 posts and 687 comments. Not bad, considering that I was writing posts from a hospital and multiple hotel rooms for two weeks while my grandmother was undergoing brain surgery.

The second milestone to celebrate is that we’ve passed the 1,000 download mark for the 22 page PDF Blog Traffic Made Easy in only 21 days! Of course, I can only count the downloads directly from my site. I have also seen my article up for download on a few other sites, blogs and even RapidShare, so we can safely assume there have been more downloads than I can track.

All of the success that this blog has seen so far is a direct result from all of my loyal readers. Thank you for helping to make one of the fastest growing blogs on the net!

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