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Well, it’s already been one month since I initiated the contest where I contribute $1 for every blog linking back to, and one person is picked at random to receive the winnings.

I was prepared to set aside up to $500 for the winner, but unfortunately, hardly anyone participated in the contest. :(

I only counted 15 people who said that they linked to SiteFever for this contest, and I couldn’t even find my link on half of them. However, since so few people participated, I will still put up $15 for the winner.

The winner that was picked is ArahMan7 from Congratulations!

In hindsight, I would like to create a contest where the prize is not directly affected by the amount of people who participate. This way, all who choose to participate in the contest have an equal share in a predetermined prize.

Keep your eyes open because I’ve got a GREAT prize to give away for the next contest. This time, it’s a tangible product that made me stare in disbelief when I saw it in person for the first time a few months back! What is it? You’ll find out in just a few days!

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A few days ago, I saw that released their version of the top 100 make money online blogs. I skimmed over it, but I didn’t notice my site on there. Then, this morning I noticed some traffic coming to my site from I went back to that list and noticed SiteFever in the 62nd spot! When did that happen???

If there is any accuracy to their list, I wouldn’t say that’s too bad for only 2 months online. Maybe we can double that in just two months more.

Speaking of making money on SiteFever, let me quickly mention the new advertisers so far for September:
Stop Digital Piracy Blog
Elegant Directory
Patrick Bisallion- Still developing his site, but already prepaid a 125×125 sitewide banner ad.

September is off to a good start! With your help, we can easily break our $1,000 goal for the month- all without ANY ad networks!

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A few of you have emailed me asking whether or not I accept posts from guest bloggers. The answer to that is YES!

If you scroll down to this site’s footer, you will notice a new link titled “Guest Bloggers“. Nobody has ever been featured on SiteFever as a guest blogger before, so it would be a great addition to this blog.

I must say that I did notice a drastic drop in traffic on John Cow’s site a few weeks back when he featured about 3-4 days of nothing but guest bloggers, so I’m going to be careful not to overdo it.

If you think you have what it takes, I would like to feature you as SiteFever’s first guest blogger. Be sure to keep the content relevant to the subject matter of this blog. You can send your posts to me by email at

Also, FeedGhost’s 468×60 sitewide banner that appears in the top right corner of every page on this blog is set to expire on September 12! So far, I have no takers for the spot once it opens up. This banner is currently receiving approximately 34,000 impressions per month, but continues to climb as SiteFever increases in popularity. As you can see from the advertising page, this banner spot is priced at $250/month. However, the first person to claim this banner space for September 13-October 13 will receive it for only $200.

Thanks for checking in, and I look forward to receiving your posts soon!

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There’s nothing worse than sitting on your computer in the middle of the day and checking out all these great pictures of food that John Chow has a habit of posting on his blog. It’s like torture! Well, this weekend I wasn’t up for writing anything that took too much brain power, so I decided to try my hand at making John Chow jealous for a change since his last restaurant experience wasn’t all that great. My wife and I decided to hit up the casino for dinner on Sunday night, so here are the pictures:

I always love going to the Beau Rivage casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. It almost makes me forget that I’m stuck in this state for a few more weeks! Immediately inside the main entrance, you find yourself in the middle of this huge, beautiful lobby.


After arriving, we walked around for a few minutes trying to decide whether to eat at Olives, a really nice restaurant that we went to on our last anniversary, or at the buffet. In the end, my stomach couldn’t resist the sound of “all you can eat”. Here’s my first plate:

Roast beef, beef and broccoli with lo mien, an eggroll, green beans, cucumber salad and antipasto. The buffet comes with free drinks, including these cute mini beers:

Of course, you’ve got to ask for a few of those to do you any good! :) After about 10 minutes, I was ready for round two:

There’s a ton of seafood at this buffet including all kinds of fish, shrimp and crab legs, but since I can’t stand seafood I ate a lot of the same stuff twice. The beef with broccoli and lo mien again, antipasto, seasoned potatoes, brick oven pizza, green beans and my favorite- alligator sausage! (That doesn’t count as seafood does it?)

To top it all off, I had a slice of Dutch apple pie, some strange type of brownie and a cup of coffee.

On our way out of the restaurant, we saw a bunch of people losing their paychecks on the floor.

The night was still young, and the Hard Rock hotel & casino is right next door, so we decided to walk over there.

We didn’t do much there besides walk around and look at some of the memorabilia.

We finally decided to call it a night and head home after a few hours. Maybe next time, I’ll give some of the restaurants at the Hard Rock a try. They looked really great and I haven’t eaten there yet. When I go, I’ll let you know how it was.

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September 7, 1998 was the start of Google as we know it. Today marks the 9 year anniversary since the search engine giant went online.

You’re really bored, you can read a little bit about Google’s history.

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On September 4, I released the masses on a scavenger hunt in search for this little eye-

Many searched, few found, but only one wins! Congratulations to Austin Luna of for winning our scavenger hunt! Your prize: A free copy of FeedGhost PRO 12 month license!

But wait… didn’t I say there were two contest winners? Yes, there are!

If you’re cool enough to subscribe to SiteFever’s full content RSS feed, you would have noticed our hidden RSS contest:

This contest was only visible from our RSS feed, and was not announced or mentioned anywhere else on this blog. (Even though leaked the secret) Over 90 people responded to the contest, but again, only one can win. Allan Burns of is our randomly chosen winner!

We need to take a minute to thank our contest sponsor, FeedGhost, who provided the free software licenses. FeedGhost PRO is a great RSS management software that I’ve been using for a little over a month now.

Just because you didn’t win, don’t fret… the guys over at FeedGhost have also been so kind as to give all of my visitors a little bonus. Enter the coupon code “SiteFever” at checkout, and you’ll receive 25% off the purchase price of a PRO license! This coupon code can be used as many times as you’d like, so be sure to let your friends know to use it. You can try it free for 30 days before you decide whether or not you want to use the 25% off coupon and purchase the full PRO version.

Sponsoring a contest is a great way to bring visibility and traffic to your website or product. If you would like to sponsor a contest here on, let me know!

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The guys over at FeedGhost were nice enough to give me some licenses to give out on this site for free 12 month copies of FeedGhost PRO! It’s a great program that I use to easily manage and keep track of all my RSS feed subscriptions. So, I’m sitting here trying to decide how to use them when I came up with the scavenger hunt idea! Here’s how it works:

Somewhere on I’ve inserted a graphic of an eye that looks like this:

If you find the eye, go to the contact me page and send a message letting me know where it is! One person who sends me the correct answer will be chosen to win a free copy of FeedGhost PRO!

You’ll notice that FeedGhost has been our sitewide 468×60 banner sponsor since July 11, which means that the ad spot will be opening up in another week. So far, their banner has received over 20,000 impressions! Anyone interested should visit the advertising page.

So, what are you waiting for? Go find that eye!

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