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Has anyone caught the iphone virus? I did 😀

One month ago, my mobile line contract ended and i was considering changing a new mobile phone that should look sleek. While browsing some cool looking mobile phones online, i suddenly remember about iPhone. I went to look for information of unlocking iphone and saw some articles saying that iphonesimfree is able to unlock iphone (use any sim card) by software for a fee, so i decided to go ahead and bought an iphone from eBay. By the time my iphone reached me, a free unlock software is available. Thanks to iPhone Dev Team. I unlocked my iphone with ibrickr 😀

Neon iPhone

With the $200 iphone price cut from Apple and the free iphone unlock software available, there is a surge of sales for iphone… “worldwide”. You can expect more and more people trying to search for iphone related information or stuff online. Check out the number of searches for the term “iphone”. Over 20k searches daily!

iphone search

You can take this chance to jump into the iphone wagon 😀
Some simple ideas flow in my head. Websites that we can consider to setup.

iPhone Directory
There are many iphone sites coming up definitely. Since alot of people like to setup directories, why not setup an iphone directory listing iphone apps, iphone blogs, iphone forums, iphone sites, etc, instead of setting up more boring typical web directories.

iPhone Application Listing and Reviews
Similar to directory but this is more specialize. It should provide not only a comprehensive list of iphone applications but also with author review and visitor reviews. Based on the app list in ibrickr, there are many new useful and fun iphone apps emerging every week.

Optmize Sites For iPhone
This iphone game site made its layout best view in iphone.

iPhone FAQ or Forum
There are definitely lots of people encountering problems unlocking iphone, using of iphone, asking of iphone apps, asking where to buy iphone accessories.

iPhone Accessories
Since local shops (outside US) might not have iphone accessories. Those iphone owners will most likely get the accessories online. So setting up an online iPhone accessories store or eBay store with iPhone stuff is quite do-able. You can do dropship or resell of 3rd party iphone accessories.

iPhone Blogs
Follow the crowd… setup a blog and post any info and news about iphone.

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bidvertiser ebayI’ve just received an email from BidVertiser promoting their advertising campaign for eBay sellers. They are offering $20 in free funds with no obligation, to use it on this campaign. It is suppose to expose your eBay auction items by placing an ad on BidVertiser network of relevant publisher websites to drive buyers and increase sales.

Your BidVertiser eBay ad will include a description and an image (if available) of your item, pricing and time left till auction closes. The ad will link to your eBay Listing and you only pay when a potential buyer clicks-through to your eBay Listing. (Preview Ad)

eBay Listing

ebay no listing feesIf you are one of the frequent eBay sellers, you probably already know that this month eBay is having Free Listings Promo …. which means no listing fees the whole of this month. If you do not know about this, it is still not too late to create your free auction listing at eBay. With BidVertiser’s free $20 and eBay free listing… you are going to increase sales with no money spent.

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