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If you own a website or a blog, you may have some difficulty locating good quality images to use so I thought I would do you a favor. I’m giving you 1,600 of them for free.

I’ve got them organized into the following categories:

  1. Banner Ad Images
  2. Bullets
  3. Computer
  4. Contact
  5. Discount
  6. Download
  7. Financial
  8. Guarantee
  9. Help
  10. Icons
  11. Miscellaneous
  12. Order
  13. People
  14. Sale
  15. Stars
  16. Trial

In order to save some of my bandwidth, I’ve uploaded them all to Rapidshare and they can be downloaded by clicking here. Show me some love and subscribe to my full content RSS feed if you havn’t already so you will be automatically notified next time I post some cool stuff.


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Years ago I registered my first domain name. All of a sudden I woke up and found that I owned over 200 domain names! Some say that purchasing domain names can be compared with getting a tattoo- once you get one, you’re addicted.

I would have saved myself a lot of time if I had known about earlier! I thought that what they offered was a valuable resource, so I thought I would share it with everyone.

What makes different than other domain name availability websites is that it gives you the availability status as you type! It gives you the .com, .net and .org results of your search instantly.

So, next time you’re looking to register a new domain name, give a visit. They may save you a lot of time!

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I probably receive about 50 spam emails everyday from a variety of sources. I use Microsoft Outlook as my preferred email client. For the past few months, I have been shopping off and on for a good spam filter for Outlook.

Each program that I found was missing either one or another feature that I was looking for, but none that I saw had every feature I wanted. However, earlier this week I came across SpamBully 4, a great spam filter for Outlook- and it works with Vista as well.

As you can see from the screen capture, SpamBully adds a little toolbar to the top of Outlook with a few easy to use buttons. Mainly, there are two main spam buttons: Spam and Fight Back.

Although you can customize the specific actions for each of these buttons, the general idea is this: By clicking the spam button, you can block the users email address from appearing in your inbox and send it directly to a spam folder or to the trash. The fight back button (my favorite) can be programmed to do a variety of cool things. In addition to blocking the email address, you can send a fake Mailer Daemon to the sender to make it look as if your email address is no longer valid.

SpamBully will also send an email address to the ISP of the sender and report the user as sending unsolicited spam messages. You can even view a sort of “trace route” which will show where the email originated and the path it took to arrive at your inbox. For a full list of features, you can click here.

The price of SpamBully is a one time fee of $29.95. You can purchase SpamBully directly from their website.

I thought that this was a very reasonable and fair price for this piece of software, which will save me much time and frustration sorting through spam emails all day.

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If you’re making some last minute efforts to get as many backlinks for your blog that you can for your website before the next Google PageRank update takes place, you ought to look into Text-Link-Ads. I joined last month and although I have had no advertisers sign up on this site yet, I did use the awesome $100 off coupon to have my link placed on other blogs, which has increased my traffic.

The only thing is that you do have to spend at least $125 in order to use the coupon. I just purchased $133 dollars worth of advertising on other blogs, and with the coupon I only paid $33! You can’t beat it! I hope that they continue to allow this coupon to be used for a while.

Be sure to use your $100 off coupon in order to take advantage of your free advertising.

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I’ve been using a program for the past couple of months that I wish I had found years ago.

Pixie is a great free software that uses next to nothing as far as computer resources go, and is a must-have for any graphic artist or web developer.

When you’ve got Pixie open, you can just hold your mouse over the color you want to know the details of and Pixie will spit out the HEX, HTML, RGB, CMYK and HSV values for that color! I use it all the time when I browse the web and find a site with a great color scheme. I’ll open Pixie and use it to tell me what the color values are they’re using on their site. Or, if you have an image that you would like to use, but would like a font to match a particular color within the image, just use Pixie.

I chose Pixie over other similar programs because its free, small and simple. When you’re looking for a program to perform a specific task, sometimes it’s better when it doesn’t come with all kinds of fancy bells and whistles.

If interested you can download Pixie from:

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Over the last few months I have started to collect a list of all the free-to-submit directories I have run across. All of the links were valid at the time of this post, but as time goes on some of the sites may go offline, change or start charging for ads.

The list should be long enough to keep you all busy for a while.


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