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I just wanted to pass along a page I found tonight which I thought was halarious:

Seems like there’s too many people out there with time on their hands (and Photoshop skills) I wish I had!

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80%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Since today is Sunday I wanted to keep things simple, so I decided I would write a post about the first interesting thing that caught my attention on the net today. I found the blog addiction test over at, and the results show that I am 80% addicted to blogging.

If someone could answer their questions honestly and be more addicted to blogging than me, I’d like to know about it! The blog addiction test is a fun novelty to help pass your time while you sit in front of your computer this weekend.

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I usually don’t do posts like this, but I discovered some sites this week that I wanted to share with everyone:

You know your site rocks when you have your head spinning around in the header! How cool is that?

2. Rob Sellen’s Blog
Rob Sellen is a blogger who speaks about his personal experience with deafness. I love the deaf culture myself, have many deaf friends and have learned American Sign Language in order to fluently communicate with deaf persons. If you have ever wanted to learn more about deaf culture, the best teachers are deaf people themselves.

You may have noticed text ads for appearing in some of the recent posts on this blog. That’s because WebsiteGrader was one of the first to create an advertisers account and begin placing ads on However, I’m not being partial here when I say that it’s a really great site! WebsiteGrader will calculate your blog’s popularity in relation to other similar blogs in your niche and give you some great tips on how to improve its popularity and search engine ranking. It’s a really neat tool to keep handy.

So there you have it- some recently bookmarked sites I discovered this week. If you’ve discovered some good sites, post them here so everyone can check them out.

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As most of you already know, the purpose of SiteFever’s Favorite of the Week is to highlight up and coming blogs that you should know about. This week, I have picked

Along with the great domain name and professional theme, CashBulge’s blog has some great content that can prove useful to all types of bloggers.

Of particular interest this week, I noticed their article 33 Useful Ways To Promote & Improve Your Blog, which gives some great tips that any blogger can implement.

Overall, CashBulge categorizes their posts in a wide range of subjects including AdSense tips, blog improvement, monetization strategies, search engine optimization, and more.

They recently lost some images because they moved their hosting over to HostGator. I hope that HostGator works out better for them than they did for me! So far, our dedicated server at InMotionHosting has been working out great!

If I could make just one recommendation for CashBulge, I would urge them to make their RSS feed link more visible- oh- and change it to a full content feed!

In any event, CashBulge is a great blog with well written content that every blogger should have stashed in their favorites.

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I was recently checking out the blog over at when I noticed a great article on increasing your traffic by using popular social bookmarking sites.

The article is titled 5 Tips for Website Traffic Success with Social Bookmarking. The article had some good pointers to keep in mind when using sites such as Digg and Stumbleupon to help increase your traffic.

The one thing I would keep in mind, however, is that as far as I know it is against the Digg terms of service to exchange diggs with others, even though I can’t say I’m innocent of ever doing that myself. Just be careful when trading Diggs. One way you can take the extra step of caution is by not posting a live link to your article.

For example, when asking for a Digg exchange in a forum, you could post the article URL as “sitefever dot com” instead of “” in order to keep the link from being live and having Digg catch on to you. The downfall is that people are lazy and your chances of someone digging your article if they can’t click on a live link are slim to none.

In any event, you may want to check out the blog. I really like the design as the graphics look professional and original, and as I always suggest- Devtrench offers a full content RSS feed! They’re looking for some traffic as the blog is somewhat new, but the content is worth your time. Who knows? You just might learn something new!

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It’s time to pick SiteFever’s Favorite of the Week again, and this time I’ve chosen

I am a frequent visitor to the BlueJar blog, where valuable information is given on subjects such as affiliate marketing, hosting, domains & Internet tutorials. The recent article that caught my eye was The Insiders Guide to Buying Web Hosting: Server Reliability.

The principals given in the article about how to wisely shop for a hosting company are very helpful. I recently had to take some time to shop around for a new hosting company after my bad experience with Hostgator. features a full content RSS feed, which everyone knows I am a fan of. I would recommend everyone stop by to check it out, or check out their MyBlogLog community.

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Last week I stumbled across I’ve been visiting frequently since then, and I’ve chosen them for SiteFever’s Favorite of the Week.

DailyBlogTips has well-written original content and is updated quite frequently. Today, they’ve released a new post titled Top 25 SEO Blogs. It’s obvious that some time was taken to write this post, and a chart was made showing each blog’s ranking for Google, Alexa, Bloglines & Technorati. Although didn’t appear on the list, I can’t argue with their choices. Someday maybe we’ll start ranking up there on everyone’s top picks.

They’ve also just recently decided to display only excerpts of each post on the homepage, the same as I do. I have decided to use only excerpts on the homepage because I don’t like the homepage to be a mile long, and I don’t want my site visitors to have to sift through a bunch of posts they may not be interested in. By having post excerpts on the homepage, this allows more articles to be listed- for example 8-10 excerpts of recent posts rather than only 4-5 full posts.

Getting back on subject, DailyBlogTips reports a very impressive 4,350+ RSS subscribers to their RSS feed and boasts articles in 18 different categories.

For these reasons, has been chosen for SiteFever’s Favorite of the Week.

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