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I came across Webd360 when the owner, Miraj Patel submitted his full content RSS feed to be included in my post last week on the same subject. I decided to give his site a visit and I thought that the content was very well written. The layout was clean and easy to read. After scanning over a few of the posts on his site, I went ahead and subscribed to his full content RSS feed.

Of particular interest was an article Miraj wrote entitled Avoid Useless Posts. I think that from time to time everybody comes across bloggers block where they have trouble thinking of content to post on their site. He gives some pretty useful tips on how to help with that.

I’ve also been thinking about adding a top commentators plugin to SiteFever, and after seeing the results it brought to Webd360, I’m sure I’ll be including it on my site in the near future. I think that it’s very generous of him to include links to the top commentator’s websites directly on his homepage, just for commenting on his blog.

Webd360 is approaching 70 posts now, and Miraj keeps the content fresh and updated. If this is the first time you’ve heard of the blog, I’m sure it won’t be your last. It’s growing pretty quickly and it would be a good site for you to keep handy. Take a few minutes and pay Webd360 a visit. And if you comment enough, you’ll get yourself a link on the homepage!

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Hi everyone!

I just thought I would share this website I ran across last week with you all. Somebody I know was looking for a woman’s voice with an English accent to record his voicemail greeting, and he was referred to AT&T Labs Text-To-Speach website, where you can enter any text and have it output to 16 different voices! You can also enter some text in English, and have it translated and read back in Spanish, German or French!

Of course, you still get that slight “robotic” sounding voice, and although I am not fluent in Spanish, German or French, I’m willing to bet there are some translation issues there. However, I think this is a pretty neat resource to check out, and the text-to-speach actually sounded more human than most I’ve seen, so I thought I would share it with everybody.

You can find it at:

Check it out and see what you think. After you try it out,  share your thoughts about that site by posting a comment here. I’m interested in seeing what your thoughts are on it.

1 person had something to say. What do you think?

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