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FacebookFace… book… Facebook Facebook… Face… book… I just join Facebook over a month ago and i am somehow addicted to it. Is Facebook another typical social networking community? Well… it used to be.

i’ve been getting invites from friends long time ago but i’ve never look into it because i thought … “Ohh.. just another Myspace, Friendster … Most likely i will not be logging into it after i register…”
So i never bother to create an account.

Joining the addictive Facebook

However, recently many of my friends join Facebook and keep telling me that it is fun. With peer influence, i decided to register and just take a peep. Within a few days, i’ve found most of my friends who are in myspace friendster also in facebook! This is crazy. I begin to update my profile and look around… then i was being superpoked, being bitten by vampire, getting gifts, got a fluff pet, confirmed friends details, being nominated for Superlatives, being challenged to a race, got a Ford Mustang, compare movie reviews and ratings, threw some turkeys and sheeps, received virtual iphone, got some growing gifts, received superwall posts…

Now i know why my friends said fun and addictive. Facebook is not just another social networking community to customize your profile, upload photos, join some fan groups and check out friends updates. Facebook is more than that! It integrates fun into your social network. Now you get to play games with your friends, compare score within your friends along with all other features of other social networking community.

Why did facebook suddenly take off so quickly?

Although Facebook’s logo looks simple and plain… but Facebook is not simple at all. The reason why it is becoming successful is due to it opening its development platform to 3rd party application developers. Facebook lets other content providers to integrate innovative applications easily to entertain facebook members. In my opinion, this is the Best Feature of facebook which makes it stands out among the rest.

Google is coming out with OpenSocial to try to fight facebook. I dont think this is going to defeat facebook yet unless Google is planning something else. Before that happens, with many high profile investors (such as Microsoft and Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing) pumping funds into Facebook, i think facebook is going to catch up myspace at a fast speed.

Tap Into Facebook Social Networking Power

If you havent join facebook yet, register an account and check it out. If you are running an entertainment-related site, it is time to tap into facebook’s huge social community by developing a facebook app related to your site, creating awareness and branding of your site.

Eg. develops Warbook, Streetrace, … develops Movies app. develops Super Wall, …

If you are just a developer, you may want to start developing application in facebook platform. With the huge community, there is definitely someone out there going to use your application or play your game. For a developer, the beauty of concentrating your efforts in developing a facebook application rather than a brand new site is… if your application is interesting, it spreads virally like wildfire without the need of tough expensive traditional methods of promoting and advertising of your ‘new site’. When that happens, you can extend to a standalone website with more features.

Facebook Marketplace

Previously facebook developers are having problems monetizing their facebook apps. The following is a list of advertising networks focus and specialize to monetize facebook apps.

Federated Media

Both RockYou and VideoEgg develop facebook applications initially and launch their own facebook ad publishing network.

There is also a facebook marketplace for those who wants to be part of the facebook application craze. Buy/sell facebook apps, hire facebook app developers. Recently there are also some facebook applications selling in digitalpoint and sitepoint forums.

Facebook Songs

Before i end, i found some nice facebook videos in youtube and want to share them with you :)


5 other facebook songs that i think is good.

Facebook Song by Rhett and Link

The Official Cambridge Facebook Song

The Superpoke Facebook Song

Facebook Song by Vince and Ben

Facebook Song by Malcolm and Dennis

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After i saw the PPC vs SEO post at Shoemoney, i think it is quite useful. I will embed the video here.

Some of the highlights:

SEO and PPC both should co-exists in marketing campaign instead of Either-Or.


  • Is your SEO bad? Good seo increase traffic and visibility.
  • How competitive is your industry sector? Need to know how many sites are competing for the keywords.
  • How many sites have similar or identical content?
  • What are you doing to stay ahead of your competition?


  • Work to improve quality score as it will lower your ppc cost
  • With PPC to provide immediate traffic, it is good for troubleshoot. Use the data to tune your organic seo.
  • Paid search is easier to predict.
  • You are in control with PPC.

Blogs should try SEO.
e-Commerce / product sales should try PPC.

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I’ve been├é┬ámaking some big changes here at SiteFever, one of which is the use of video posts! Welcome to my first video post, which I will title “Improve Your Conversion Rate”.

Don’t forget to download my free 22 page PDF Blog Traffic Made Easy

I’m anxious to hear your thoughts about this new form of delivering information on my blog. Let me know what you think…

Join the fever!

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OK. So this video doesn’t have much to do with Internet marketing or SEO, but how could I pass it up?

It probably costs more for the phone company to print, package and ship the bill than it cost them to provide the phone service for the month!

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The Internet is growing at a rate of 10% each month! Television stations, newspapers and governments have started to take notice of this thing called “the Internet”. And believe it or not, there’s not a lot of cursing or swearing!

Well, that’s what they say in this news report from 1987- looks like things have changed a LOT since then.

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Here’s a funny video I came across of Bill Gates on live TV demonstrating Windows 98. Windows crashes in the middle of the demonstration.

Microsoft- you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.

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Having worked tech support for Dell some years ago, this video brought back some horrific memories of that job. I thought that it was pretty funny, so I decided to share it here.

The funny thing about this video is that I have personally experienced speaking with a person who told me that their “cupholder” broke- referring to their CD-ROM drive. Also, one of the instructors for the training class for Dell tech support actually suggested that we ask to speak to the kids if the adult couldn’t figure out what we were talking about.For some reason, I never get tired of hearing funny tech support stories…

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