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I’ve just created a page to show an overview of the approved entries and the current prize pool. (Contests Entries)

I will update the Contests Entries page regularly so you can check if your entry is being approved. Feel free to contact me if you try to participate but your entry is not approved. Please read the monthly contest info again to take note of where the back link should be.

I’ve also realized that there are quite a number of you backlink to SiteFever but have not made a comment post at the contest page. Please make a comment post there if you have backlink and intend to take part in this contest, else i will not be able to track and contact you when you win.

If you do not want to miss future contest updates or posts, remember to subscribe to SiteFever.

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RSS Exploding Popularity

By now most of us should know RSS is a breakout technology for webmasters and internet marketers. If you still do not know what is RSS, check out here.

More and more people are using it to distribute content and to drive traffic to their sites. Readers have the convenience of reading the latest content aggregated in their rss reader without having to visit multiple sites daily. One of the major benefits of subscribing to your favourite news via rss is ….. you will not be having spam mail compare to subscribing to email newsletter. And of cause ….. if you still remember, readers subscribing to rss feed might just unknowingly get rewarded (Hidden RSS Reward).

With the exploding rss concept spreading, every big and small websites trying to include rss for their sites for any crazy purpose. Some have it just for the sake of joining in this rss crazed.

My ex-colleague who is working on one of the small local govt website. Her recent new site requirement, requested by end-user in-charge of that site, is to add in rss feed. She told me that the user in-charge dont even know what is rss and dont know what it does, but just want to have this functionality because every other site has it! I find it hilarious that some people just jump into a ship without knowing where it goes. As long as that ship is going to somewhere seems good 😀

RSS Submission

I have been running a RSS Directory for over a year and consistently review and approve rss feed submissions to the directory. The purpose of my rss directory is to index useful news and content feed so that other less savy webmasters are able to choose these useful rss content from the submitted feeds and embed easily onto their own website.

I have seen many kinds of feed submissions. News feed, blog rss feed, e-commerce item feed, article feed, video feed, etc. Because rss feed is so popular and effective now, everyone is trying to use it for site indexing purpose. RSS submission spam for my directory are growing over the past few months. Besides rejecting those adult, gambling types of rss feed, I also usually reject those feeds which use it as a sitemap, listing just all the pages in their site, reject those feeds from e-commerce affiliate sites having rss feed item all containing their affiliate links. And i hate those sites with dynamic rss feed. The webmaster will try to spam submit all kinds of keywords for their dynamic feed. Eg. rss-feed.php?keyword=seo, rss-feed.php?keyword=business, rss-feed.php?keyword=home-business, rss-feed.php?keyword=whatever-business, rss-feed.php?keyword=make-money, rss-feed.php?keyword=how-to-make-more-money …

One other thing that i’ve realized. There are many webmasters quickly create some blogs with a few posts at / related to their niche and then spam submit rss of those blogs. Usually those posts contain tons of links to their own sites. I’ve also receive rss submission spam from pages quickly created at

Do they really think i am going to approve and index their thousands of spamming submissions? How are these going to be useful for readers? The wonderful value of rss and its main purpose is to distribute latest content or news feed, NOT abusing it to use it as an indexing tool!

Feel free to submit your rss to my PR 5 RSS Directory. However, as i’ve mention above, please do not spam submit if your rss feed has no readership value.

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Hi all. I am not sure if John gave out the prize of the link contest previously. However, i have revamp the contest to make it more exciting with more winners.

SiteFever Link contest will be a monthly contest. Similarly, prize pool depends on the amount of sites who link back to SiteFever. This time each winner will get $20 but we will be having more winners now.

The more sites linking to SiteFever, the larger the prize pool, the more winners we have and it is recurring every month! As long as you continue to link to us, you are always in the monthly contest.

The next contest draw date will be on 31st Oct 2007.

Check out the Monthly Contest for more info.

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bidvertiser ebayI’ve just received an email from BidVertiser promoting their advertising campaign for eBay sellers. They are offering $20 in free funds with no obligation, to use it on this campaign. It is suppose to expose your eBay auction items by placing an ad on BidVertiser network of relevant publisher websites to drive buyers and increase sales.

Your BidVertiser eBay ad will include a description and an image (if available) of your item, pricing and time left till auction closes. The ad will link to your eBay Listing and you only pay when a potential buyer clicks-through to your eBay Listing. (Preview Ad)

eBay Listing

ebay no listing feesIf you are one of the frequent eBay sellers, you probably already know that this month eBay is having Free Listings Promo …. which means no listing fees the whole of this month. If you do not know about this, it is still not too late to create your free auction listing at eBay. With BidVertiser’s free $20 and eBay free listing… you are going to increase sales with no money spent.

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Part-Time Webmaster

Everyone wants to earn lots of money. Most people want to work at home for yourself and free from boss. You need to start from somewhere step by step. Hmmm… how about start off by being a part-time webmaster developing a hobby website of your interest. Never ever think of milking the money from the site first. Think of HOW you can provide for your visitors. At this point of time, you must be thinking i will be providing some sort of guide to start newbie off being a webmaster. No 😀

Anyone of you ever experience the Not-Enough-Time syndrome especially for part-time webmaster with full-time job? I DID. 2 years back when i was managing just a few of my personal hobby sites (2 game sites, 1 forum and a few mini sites) and also working as a full-time programmer. I totally suffering from the Not-Enough-Time syndrome. Everyday after work, i will always dozed off in front of my computer after finished doing site administration, check all new posts of my forum, clearing of mailbox. There is no time for site development, no time for site marketing and i only sleep 3-4 hours daily.

Polyphasic Sleep

There was one day, I couldn’t take it. I googled… “sleep 3 hours daily” to see if there is anyone doing the same thing 😀 I stumble upon the term … Polyphasic Sleep. I was amazed that there is a technique to “increase” your time! Some people even call it “Hacking Sleep“.

Polyphasic Sleep is a term used to describe sleep patterns intended to reduce sleeping time to 2–6 hours daily in order to achieve a better quality of sleep, hence, you will have more non-sleeping time to do more stuff. Even an additional 2 hours daily can do alot more stuff than you know. Attributed polyphasic sleepers of famous people.

Well, till now i have not yet try out Polyphasic Sleep even though this idea still lingers in my mind since 2 years ago. Imagine the extra hours gained daily to do more site developments and marketing, doing more link exchange, visit more webmaster forums and more time to read fellow webmasters’ blog. This is so tempting.

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Answer To Lost Posts And Comments

Hi all. I guess most are wondering what has happened to SiteFever for the past few days.
This is Neon, SiteFever’s latest owner. First, let me apologize for the lost posts and comments
since 21st Sept. I am unable to get the latest sql dump and with the slow dns propagation in my area, i only got to access this site few hours ago to start doing some site administration.

Hot SiteFever

Within this short period of time, SiteFever is being sold twice at BIN!! On the 21st Sept, then 24th Sept. Hmmm…. there are 2 possibilities… either SiteFever is not worth the price that the 1st buyer wanted to recoop his investment as soon as possible OR SiteFever is just too HOT! I can personally tell you, SiteFever is definitely more than feverishly HOT! Anyone doubted the hotness? The 1st buyer just don’t have the time to update this wonderful blog. This site will not be what it is today without John’s feverish posts. Alright… enough of my ‘fever’ thoughts. Anyone want an anti-fever pill? If anyone appreciate John’s efforts in the past, feel free to paypal him (his paypal link in the previous post).

Short Intro Of New Owner

Let me briefly introduce myself. I am Neon… okay… you know already. I started out my career as a low cheapskate php developer, then coldfusion developer (this is really a cold language, i don’t like), then .NET Programmer, then lowly paid IT consultant, and eventually trying out to be a full time webmaster to fulfill my dream that is skeptical in many people’s eyes around me. I will probably write more in the About Me section how i got into this webmastery road.

I have always wanted to blog about my webmastery thoughts, some are weird, some are non-innovative but who knows… it might inspire another person’s weird thought….hahaha 😀 I didn’t really start blogging in the past because there is not enough motivation force for me to make the first post…… until when i saw SiteFever. As impressive as the 1st buyer, i quickly BIN when the 1st buyer is letting go. I am thinking to myself “This could be the time that i should start penning down my weird thoughts.”

Okay… done with my short intro. Preparing for my 2nd post… check it out later.

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Well in just 54 minutes, has been sold for a quick sale price of $1,250. Why so cheap?

With all the chaos and confusion that goes in to moving out of an apartment, putting all of your stuff into a storage unit in another state and jumping on a plane from Miami, FL to Lima, Peru, I simply do not have the time to haggle prices back and forth while not making any valuable posts to this blog. I needed to sell it quickly to concentrate my efforts on my trip.

I was not planning on selling the site until just a few days ago. I just made the decision to go to South America a little over a week ago, and being honest with myself, it is just impractical for me to keep up this blog as it is from where I’ll be. It would be better off in the hands of someone who can really put all their efforts on the site.

The new owner of has asked to remain anonymous for the time being, but I’m sure they will be formally announcing themselves to you in the very near future.

This has certainly been a great ride for me, and I hope that it’s been great for you as well. You haven’t seen the last of John Robinson- I’ll be back for sure. For any last minute donations for the Blog Traffic Made Easy PDF or for any help you have received from this blog (or me) so far, they would all be greatly appreciated through PayPal. I will be using any donations I receive to help support myself once I get to South America.

I will ask the new owner if they will allow me to make occasional guest posts on SiteFever, and I will be sure to forward any new pictures I take while I’m there! Thanks again everyone, and I wish you all the best in your online endeavors.


John W Robinson IV

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