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google shares priceI know i am suppose to post “Ways Of Making Money Online” but i just saw the news about Google share price breaking $600. So i will quickly mention it before i make my next post 😀

In the past, few months before the dot com burst in 2000, some analyst predicted Yahoo to reach $600 price target but it was never reached.

On the first day of trading in 2006, analyst Safa Rashtchy from Piper Jaffray predicted Google to reach $600. I remember reading an article how some analysts are skeptical about the prediction.

I briefly capture a screenshot of GOOG price at $603.83.

Googe Shares Price

Now some analyst predict Google share will reach $700 by end of 2008.

Although i never purchase Google Shares (very expensive), but I LOVE GOOGLE that is why i am excited 😀

Way To Go Google !!

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Make Money OnlineIn this recent decade, i’ve realize everywhere, government agencies, schools, private organizations heavily promoting the idea of entrepreneurship. They are trying to introduce such concept to as young as high school students. And everyone wants to be their own boss. So…. what’s the best route to start a business with minimal capital and a chance to be success as entrepreneur? Hmmm… how is the idea of web entrepreneur? Well, you all know what are the advantages, so i will skip that. What is extremely important is that you will need Time (lots of), Effort (lots of) and Determination (lots of x1000). This is no different from traditional entrepreneur.

However, there is one common misconception of making money online. Whenever someone told me they want to try doing business online, their idea is to start an e-commerce online shop selling stuff such as clothings, accessories, etc, because they dont need to have the inventory, initial investment is just the web store. Or provide web design, web development, programming services. Recently, blogging perceived as one of the common idea to make money online.

Why do many of the inspired entrepreneurs who tried to do the common ideas above and not successful.

e-Commerce Store idea

Most thought that just setup an ultra beautifully designed site, put online and ….. wait. After few months of “no business”, they conclude it is a failed venture and give up.

Web Design / Development idea

Did not actively look for clients through online means (forums, freelance sites) and offline (family, friends, business contacts). This is a continuing process. Once you decided to be lazy, you failed.


Having “3 minute interest”, blog for a while, doesnt seems to earn money…. give up.

There are actually many more ways to make money online besides the above few common ways. Some ways need to have more technical skills, some do not. Check out my next post about different ways of making money online.

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I took this picture for my previous post regarding iPhone site ideas. Halfway writing the previous post… I found out something fun about the picture.

Did you realize anything special about my iphone picture? Except that little cute Tatty Teddy bear 😀

Neon iPhone

The Coincidental Phenomenon Of Number 4

Day 4 of the month.
Day 4 of the week.
Hour 4 of the day.
Minute 4 of the hour.


The 404 Phenomenon

404 – 4:04
404 – Thursday, October 4

And… this post is posted on the 404 phenomenon date time.

Hmmm… alright… i have weird logic at deriving lame stuff.
Hahahaha… anyway… this is fun 😀

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Has anyone caught the iphone virus? I did 😀

One month ago, my mobile line contract ended and i was considering changing a new mobile phone that should look sleek. While browsing some cool looking mobile phones online, i suddenly remember about iPhone. I went to look for information of unlocking iphone and saw some articles saying that iphonesimfree is able to unlock iphone (use any sim card) by software for a fee, so i decided to go ahead and bought an iphone from eBay. By the time my iphone reached me, a free unlock software is available. Thanks to iPhone Dev Team. I unlocked my iphone with ibrickr 😀

Neon iPhone

With the $200 iphone price cut from Apple and the free iphone unlock software available, there is a surge of sales for iphone… “worldwide”. You can expect more and more people trying to search for iphone related information or stuff online. Check out the number of searches for the term “iphone”. Over 20k searches daily!

iphone search

You can take this chance to jump into the iphone wagon 😀
Some simple ideas flow in my head. Websites that we can consider to setup.

iPhone Directory
There are many iphone sites coming up definitely. Since alot of people like to setup directories, why not setup an iphone directory listing iphone apps, iphone blogs, iphone forums, iphone sites, etc, instead of setting up more boring typical web directories.

iPhone Application Listing and Reviews
Similar to directory but this is more specialize. It should provide not only a comprehensive list of iphone applications but also with author review and visitor reviews. Based on the app list in ibrickr, there are many new useful and fun iphone apps emerging every week.

Optmize Sites For iPhone
This iphone game site made its layout best view in iphone.

iPhone FAQ or Forum
There are definitely lots of people encountering problems unlocking iphone, using of iphone, asking of iphone apps, asking where to buy iphone accessories.

iPhone Accessories
Since local shops (outside US) might not have iphone accessories. Those iphone owners will most likely get the accessories online. So setting up an online iPhone accessories store or eBay store with iPhone stuff is quite do-able. You can do dropship or resell of 3rd party iphone accessories.

iPhone Blogs
Follow the crowd… setup a blog and post any info and news about iphone.

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Loss of money caused by laziness. That was what had happen to me last month :(

I’ve been receiving server harddisk going-to-fail email notice from cpanel regularly since March. As the server seems to function normally and no significant performance issue of my sites in that server, and i’ve also setup cpanel backup to automatically backup my data regularly to 2nd harddisk … so i thought i can procrastinate to fully backup my disk manually and delay changing a new harddisk.

In the fateful month, September on the 10th, my server finally crashed. I have 3 fairly active game sites, over 10 mini-sites, over 50 parking domains and my main email account hosted in that server. When the server rebooted, all the services were down, file system corrupted, the server admin said it needed an OS reload. I thought, “Well…Ok.. i can quickly move the files over from my 2nd backup harddisk and re-setup everything within 1 day”.

However, stuff always does not goes well as you’ve thought. My 2nd harddisk does not contain the latest backup data! My configured Cpanel backup stopped backing up in April, most likely related to soon-to-be-crashed 1st harddisk at that time. This time i am really upset.

Fortunately, I am able to recover the most of the files back from my local storage as the files doesnt changed too much but the most important is the database data :( 2 of my game sites that are using database are quite active. I did consistently backup 2 of them monthly manually and able to recover data losing only 1 month. The 3rd site, Browser Games Directory, i’ve lost 6 months of data. After 4 days of struggling to recover data, I finally managed to migrate, recover most of the data and bring everything up and running.

My laziness caused me to lose, site revenue, domain parking revenue, database data, emails and traffic loss due to loss of data and downtime.

Even though most of us know that we need to do regular backups, the fact is that most of us dont do it. Probably because we are too comfortable with positive thinking in everything.

After this expensive lesson, i am more cautious and take backup more seriously. This time i will regularly check my backup even if it is automated… I will also going to backup data remotely in case the backup disk in the same server fail… and manually do database backup for very important sites consistently.

My appeal to all of you out there…. Please treat backup process seriously and make sure your database really did backup by automated process. Spare a few minutes of your time checking regularly prevent loss of months of hard work.

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I’ve just created a page to show an overview of the approved entries and the current prize pool. (Contests Entries)

I will update the Contests Entries page regularly so you can check if your entry is being approved. Feel free to contact me if you try to participate but your entry is not approved. Please read the monthly contest info again to take note of where the back link should be.

I’ve also realized that there are quite a number of you backlink to SiteFever but have not made a comment post at the contest page. Please make a comment post there if you have backlink and intend to take part in this contest, else i will not be able to track and contact you when you win.

If you do not want to miss future contest updates or posts, remember to subscribe to SiteFever.

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RSS Exploding Popularity

By now most of us should know RSS is a breakout technology for webmasters and internet marketers. If you still do not know what is RSS, check out here.

More and more people are using it to distribute content and to drive traffic to their sites. Readers have the convenience of reading the latest content aggregated in their rss reader without having to visit multiple sites daily. One of the major benefits of subscribing to your favourite news via rss is ….. you will not be having spam mail compare to subscribing to email newsletter. And of cause ….. if you still remember, readers subscribing to rss feed might just unknowingly get rewarded (Hidden RSS Reward).

With the exploding rss concept spreading, every big and small websites trying to include rss for their sites for any crazy purpose. Some have it just for the sake of joining in this rss crazed.

My ex-colleague who is working on one of the small local govt website. Her recent new site requirement, requested by end-user in-charge of that site, is to add in rss feed. She told me that the user in-charge dont even know what is rss and dont know what it does, but just want to have this functionality because every other site has it! I find it hilarious that some people just jump into a ship without knowing where it goes. As long as that ship is going to somewhere seems good 😀

RSS Submission

I have been running a RSS Directory for over a year and consistently review and approve rss feed submissions to the directory. The purpose of my rss directory is to index useful news and content feed so that other less savy webmasters are able to choose these useful rss content from the submitted feeds and embed easily onto their own website.

I have seen many kinds of feed submissions. News feed, blog rss feed, e-commerce item feed, article feed, video feed, etc. Because rss feed is so popular and effective now, everyone is trying to use it for site indexing purpose. RSS submission spam for my directory are growing over the past few months. Besides rejecting those adult, gambling types of rss feed, I also usually reject those feeds which use it as a sitemap, listing just all the pages in their site, reject those feeds from e-commerce affiliate sites having rss feed item all containing their affiliate links. And i hate those sites with dynamic rss feed. The webmaster will try to spam submit all kinds of keywords for their dynamic feed. Eg. rss-feed.php?keyword=seo, rss-feed.php?keyword=business, rss-feed.php?keyword=home-business, rss-feed.php?keyword=whatever-business, rss-feed.php?keyword=make-money, rss-feed.php?keyword=how-to-make-more-money …

One other thing that i’ve realized. There are many webmasters quickly create some blogs with a few posts at / related to their niche and then spam submit rss of those blogs. Usually those posts contain tons of links to their own sites. I’ve also receive rss submission spam from pages quickly created at

Do they really think i am going to approve and index their thousands of spamming submissions? How are these going to be useful for readers? The wonderful value of rss and its main purpose is to distribute latest content or news feed, NOT abusing it to use it as an indexing tool!

Feel free to submit your rss to my PR 5 RSS Directory. However, as i’ve mention above, please do not spam submit if your rss feed has no readership value.

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