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So you’ve worked for weeks on end to get your website all dressed up and promote it to the public. The site goes live, you start running some advertising campaigns, but a few weeks go by and you don’t notice your site being indexed in any of the search engines.

Believe it or not, many website owners unknowingly put up a “No Trespassing” sign to search engine robots and wonder why they are not being indexed well, if at all, in the search engines. Let me explain some of the most common mistakes:

All too often you will notice a nice flash or JavaScript based navigation menu on a website you visit. True, it is appealing to the eyes, but the search engine robots will not be able to follow any of those links. If you want to be search engine friendly, you’ve got to think one thing, and that’s HTML!

If your website requires JavaScript or cookies in order to display correctly, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Guess who doesn’t use JavaScript or cookies? That’s right- the search engine robots! If you have these requirements for your website, it will be impossible for search engines to index your website.

Is your hosting reliable? Wouldn’t it be a shame if Google tried to pay you a visit to index your site but your site was offline due to a “technical difficulty”? With the new Google PageRank updates expected at any moment now, you don’t want the visit that would determine if your site stays a PR3 or gets bumped up to a PR4 to notice your website offline do you?

Look in the header of your webpages and be sure that you don’t have anything similar to:

meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”

If you do, you’re telling the search engines to skip over that particular page. If you want it indexed, you’d better remove it right away.

Lastly but most unlikely, you may be violating a search engine policy or guideline and thus are being penalized and not indexed. Your best strategy in approaching this angle would be to become a member in a popular SEO forum and ask the members to scan your site and look for anything that may be violating a search engine policy and thus keeping your site from being indexed.

As long as your website is designed and optimized to work well with search engines, you should expect to see those robots scanning your site within a few days to a few weeks of your site going live. I have heard recent experiences of Google indexing a site after only about 24 hours of being online. Again, I will reiterate, be sure to use plenty of HTML- that’s the only language the search engines will understand.

Category: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Article posted by: Neon on August 4th, 2007

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